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Eastern Estates is a full spectrum property management company that services work throughout the United States and its territories. Our company utilizes its extensive network of HUD, FHA, and VA compliant contractors to stay ahead of our competition, while constantly adapting to change in a fast paced industry. All the while remaining truthful to our model “FAST – EXPIERENCED - INNOVATIVE”

With a proven track record and outstanding reputation when it comes to quality of work, fast results, low costs, and dedicated employee teams, we ensure our customers are left with nothing to desire. Our management team and vendor network similarly have years of experience in property management, real estate services, all levels of maintenance and repairs alike. From eviction to sale, through property preservation and REO; Eastern Estates is the one stop shop for all of your needs.

Eastern Estates utilizes our unique proprietary software eBase to manage all aspects of work orders throughout their entire lifecycle. eBase is a customizable solution that can be adapted to each of our client’s needs ensuring smooth lines of communication and flow of work regardless of your data management software.