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The team at Eastern Estates Property Management are knowledgable and experienced in all specifications and guidelines for FHA/HUD, VA, Conventional, REO, Bank and Mortgage default foreclosure programs in the states that we serve.


Within two (2) business days, EEPM will re-key and secure openings on abandoned, vacant or foreclosed property. EEPM will perform necessary eviction lockouts and remove personal property, as appropriate. Our specific security services include:

- Re-key and Secure Openings
- Re-key all doors
- Secure garage doors (both auto and pedestrian) and gates
- Disable all other exterior locks after foreclosure
- Utilize hasp and padlock if handset cannot be installed
- Install client specific, custom-coded lockboxes with backup key hidden at site
- Secure openings within one business day from date of request
- Board properties when potential vandalism or other threats pose an immediate danger or risk
- Perform complete or partial board-ups as requested by client or as required by local authorities

Eviction Lockouts

- All eviction lockouts will be completed as directed by the client and in compliance with local regulations
- No actions taken without presence of local authorities
- Complete documentation with photographs of all trash and personal property handled by the crew. A special effort will be made to take a picture of the local authority and crew at the site and upon entering the property

Preparation for Sale

Within the first three (3) business days, EEPM will remove all interior and exterior debris and will provide all janitorial land landscape services as part of our initial services. Additionally, EEPM will perform winterization, snow removal, or initial pool servicing, as appropriate. We enable online visual inspections and approvals to ensure that work is done to specifications. These services include:

Personal Property and Debris Removal

- Remove and store personal property as requested
- Notify client attorney when necessary to store property
- Document with photography all personal property handled by the crew
- Remove all interior and exterior debris from the property

Initial Services

- Complete initial lawn and yard services, including clean-up, mow and trim
- Complete initial sales clean, including all standard janitorial services
- Perform winterization service, as seasonably required
- Complete initial pool services

Safety Repairs

- Repair or replace any structural or exterior features that present a safety risk
- Secure fence surrounding pool, as needed