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Eastern Estates Property Management provides complete services for Property Management, Property Condition Reports, Property Inspections, Initial Property Services, REO Services, REO Property Maintenance, REO Property Services, Property Preservation, Mortgage Field Services, Foreclosure Property Services, Home Improvements and Home Repairs for Banks, Mortgage Companies, REO/Real Estate owned and Government owned vacant and occupied foreclosure properties.

Property Management

EEPM specializes in brokering property sales, coordinating property leasing and renter search, supporting real estate investors, providing leased property management and landlord services, and asset liquidation.

Foreclosure Initial Secure

EEPM provides foreclosure property services, including: initial securing the property and lock changes, safety inspection, property trash-out and cleaning, eviction services and lockouts, boarding and pad locking, initial grass cuts and landscaping services, and remove personal property. All work is rigorously documented with photographs and written reports to provide clients with detailed work records.

REO Property Preservation

EEPM provides a full range of REO and HUD property preservation services, including: lawn and landscape maintenance, snow and ice removal, winterizering and de-winterizing, sump pump inspection, pool maintenance, appliance and HVAC inspection, general routine property inspection, vandalism documentation and repair, weather damage and routine maintenance repairs.

Repair and Rehabitation

EEPM provides property repair and property rehabilitation services, including: roofing and siding repair, window and door replacement, plumbing and electrical repair, interior and sheetrock replacement and repair, interior painting, bathroom repair and kitchen repair.

Water Damage and Mold Remedy

EEPM can provide water damage and mold remedy services. Additional information is available upon request.

Emergency 24 hour, 7 day-a-week rush initial secure and inspection services are always available.